Portable Air Purifier


• Solid Steel Construction . This Is Much Preferred Over Cheaper Plastic Housing That Could Potential  Off Gaz.
• Easy to Operate With a Large Knob For Changing Speeds. Simple Controls Make This a Plug And Go Unit. Set It And Let It Run Until Its Time To Change The Filter.
• Low Noise . Some Of The Lowest Decibel Levels For Air Purifiers In The 403 's Size Range .
• Easy To Change Filters . As Described Above , Takes Less Than A Minute To Replace  HEPA Silent Or Smoke Stop Filter .
• 4Speeds / Settings . The 203 , 303 And Digital Models Feature Only Four Speeds . Four Speeds Or Settings Offer Greater  Versatility And A Broader Range Of Air Cleaning Options.
• One Year Warranty.
• With A Simple Change Of The HEPA Silent Filter To A Smoke Stop Filter  , You Have The Added Benefit  Benefit  Of Smoke And Odor Protection , Provided By Granulated  Carbon.