Wall Mounted Gas Boiler : T panel

•Easy Installation.
•Floor Heating Capability.
•Energy Efficient Performance.
•Intelligent Computer Control System.
•Large Communicative User Display.
•Comprehensive Error Diagnostic System.
•Combinable With Other Room Conditionings.
•Double Pipe Enriched Heat Exchanger.
•Two Stage Intelligent Defrost System.
•Pump Lock Protection System.
•Connecting With Solar Energy.
•Forced Fan Exhaust System.      


This product is an advanced water heater   System for producing home heating source and domestic hot water, capable of interacting with other room conditioning devices .
L1PB  series  adopts  the  new –type  electronic  control equipment , which can run normally even installed in the low water pressure places or  places  where  water  pressure  frequently change .
This protect has been designed in advanced R&D GAZOR laboratory of technology in USA combining  components from leading producers from all over the word.
This product can be mounted on the wall following the safety instructions of  Exhaust system on the manual , installation would be free of charge , very easy and does not take Up valuable space of your home.