About Us


Organization Culture :

In addition  to  our  organizational  tasks  defined  within  the corporate  interests  we  have a  social philosophy  that  leads our members to a perception  about " Who the GAZOR is " .So their  Ideas , values  and  consequently  their   behaviors will be shaped in this pattern :

1-First  priority  , the customer: Customer is the most  important observer in our  work he is not a stranger  , he is our partner and  our  goal  so  studying and  understanding  his  expectations  and  a team work  toward these expectations  is  the  first aim  of our organization  and the culture of being responsible  against   clients  is  the  essential  factor  of  excellence  in any organization.


2-First  Step , respect and trust : We  respect  our colleagues  and customers  and establish our relationship  with them based on trust .We  keep that in mind  that the first  event that should  be happening between us is creating a trust so we  take the  lead in placing a trust.


3-The  most  important  tool , cooperation: We  are  loyal   to cooperating   with each other  and  value  our efficiency  in a team  work  and always  look  for win- win relationships.


4-The  most  important  luggage , continuity in innovation: Continuity  in  finding  new  solutions  is  the  most  important  luggage for an enterprise  as  you  can  see  good  solutions of  yesterday don’t work today. So  in addition to personal  education and knowledge  update we try  to  put  innovation  and  it's continuity in a special position.



About US:

GAZOR brand (Established  1954 FL U.S.A) With  the  aim  of  promoting  quality  level  of  people's  life and with  using  advanced  technology  and  unique  experiences  in home  applications  market  ,has managed  to  introduce  itself  as one of the  top  leaders  of design  and  innovation for  over  50 years  in the filed  of  household products  including : smart  kitchens , gas cookers , ovens ,microwave ovens , gas boiler , air conditioners , HVAC   equipments, air  and  water  purification system  and  other  home appliances  that make  smart  homes.
To  support  global  movement  toward  green  energy  consumption   and  environment  preservation  this  company  has  taken  important  steps  and superiority over competitors. Results  can  be seen  on the products  specification Tag  ,  their energy  consumption  and  pollution  documents.

Other  Brands  Collaboration :

GAZOR  has  been  collaborating  with  other  famous brands and leader spare  part producers  from Italy , Germany , Japan , Denmark,… to maintain an out question quality  for the products  . Well known brands like Toshiba , Mitsubishi , Hitachi , Grundfoss , Sit , Zilmet , Imit have  always been a part  of  GAZOR  products.
70% of the GAZOR  products are high –Tech .We invest  5%  of the gazor  sales annually for R & D perposes  to support development of the new  products.
Our  assembling  lines  has  passed  ISO 9001 international  quality  management  system , ISO 14001 , German TUV  CE and Ul  certificate and our  test  laboratory Is authorized  by  UL  to provide  test  reports of quality  inspection  for  other  brands. 


From  2001 GAZOR  has started  partnership  with  well known assemblers in china and also established  high  standard  assembling plants  for  deferent  products  in zheiang , Guangdong and shanghai  to reduce   the overall  annual production costs. Assembling lines  is equipped  with high-tech  equipments  imported  from  U.S.A  Japan and Italy and  factories  have  passed all the  managements  standards  ISO 9001 , 14001, CE ,TUV , UL ,.. and  have won numerous  recognitions and  certificates : certificate for the products  exemption  from  quality Surveillance (2005) , The 10 qualified air conditioner production  lines of china , china national important item of 2005.(multi split air conditioner)Right now  approximately  90% of gazor  products are assembled in china and half of the spare parts  are  imported from Europe and japan.