Protable Air Conditioner


•Ultra  Compact  Portable  Design.
•Self – Evaporative System.
• Energy Saving Design.   
•Year Round Versatility.
•Environmentally Friendly.


•Ultra  Compact  Portable  Design :
At just over 2 feet high , this portable air conditioner fits almost any space and is even easier to store
•Self – Evaporative System :
This product offers an auto drain exhaust system that essentially eliminates the need to empty any water from the unit . It also offers a direct drain option that allows you to run the unit 365 days a year without having to empty any water accumulation.
•Energy Saving Design : 
Use the digital thermostat and 24 hour timer to save on your energy costs energy by setting this unit to run only when you need to stay cool.
•Year Round Versatility :  
Use  the unit year – round to dehumidify you area when air conditioning is not required .
•Environmentally Friendly :  
Meets RoHS Standards – This directive currently being enforced in the European  Union requires  electronic products to restrict the amount of harmful  toxins to restrict the amount of harmful toxins such as lead and mercury.